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2017 High School Mission Trip - June 19-26th
All Current 9th-12th Grade Students are Welcome!


Registration Materials:

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Corazones sin Parades

Youth Mission ‘17

Our Youth Missionaries returned to Minnesota to our familiar world of sports, jobs, activities, friends, family, lakes, and a little break from the Texas heat.   We were fortunate to be able to spend time again together recently for some fun and reflection together, and we continue to be amazed by the impact this trip has had on our relationships with each other and our St. Tim’s family that was created on this trip, our connections with our global church, and the growth in our personal faith, courage, and conviction.  We are also overwhelmed by the generosity of the open arms that wrapped around us in our preparation for this trip, and in the people we encountered along our journey.  Our St. Tim’s community continues to bless our mission with an outpouring of prayers, encouragement, and support.  Our parish contributed almost $1000.00 per person that attended this trip!!!  You truly made this mission possible!  The impact of the seeds of generosity and Christ’s love that this parish has bestowed on us has already been shared through over 2,500 meals packed at the Rio Grande Valley Food Shelf, dozens of families fed, clothed, and warmly welcomed as they seek refuge in our country from gang and poverty ravaged parts of our world, a native garden planted in the TOUGH dessert dirt that will now provide beauty and an oasis for native animals, and the bonds forever created between our St. Tim’s missionaries and the McAllen, Texas and St. Anne Catholic Church community and youth group.  We look forward anxiously and excitedly to continuing to see the impact of this journey on our parish, our young missionaries, and our global church

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