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Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

YAC’s Mission, Values, and Goals:

Mission Statement:
The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is committed to assisting the parish in developing ministry to, with, by and for youth. The Committee advocates for youth by promoting and supporting meaningful opportunities for worship, formation, service, and personal growth.

1. A welcoming atmosphere of love and acceptance
2. The faith and giftedness of all youth
    Affirming the faith and gifts of our youth
    Encouraging those gifts be used in service and leadership
3. Healthy relationships with God, self and others
    Realizing we all have relationships -- whether we pay attention to those or not
    Determining what kinds of relationships we want with God, ourselves and others
    Modeling healthy relationships with peers, parents, and parish family
4. Growth in spirituality and faith through the Catholic Church
    Exploring how the Catholic life style is lived beyond the church walls or parish center
    Discussing what it means to be a Catholic Christian in everyday life
    Comparing what the Catholic faith has to offer and its relevancy for every day living
5. Community and service
    Knowing we cannot live in isolation and we are all connected
    Building community through a life-long habit of service

1. Increase participation in youth events
2. Provide opportunities for youth and families to experience community and service
~Adopted 6 September 2011

Activities and Programs:
* Fr. George Kolath Memorial Scholarship
* Mother/Daughter Banquet
* Guardian Angel Prayer Ministry
* Mother’s Day Corsages
* Middle School Youth Group
* High School Youth Group
* Mission Trip
* Faith Formation (6 - 12 Including Confirmation prep)

- Middle School
- Confirmation Preparation (Usually 9th- 10th grade)
- 11th - 12th Grade (Bible Study for Teens)
* Youth and Liturgy
* Living Stations of the Cross
* Youth Summer Softball
* Retreats
* Service Projects
* World Youth Day
* And more . . .
Youth Advisory Committee meets once per month, usually the 1st Tuesday of each month, August - May.  Contact  Margaret Kelly