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Social Justice  

Our mission is to seek out justice issues, explore action strategies, and respond to these issues and needs as concerned Christian citizens. As Catholic Christians, we are guided by our Catholic social tradition.

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month, August through May, at 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Parish Center. Members are involved in various projects and activities, based on individual interests/passions. Do you want to be better informed on local and global social justice issues? Come, join us. Whether it’s for information, networking, prayer, or action on behalf of justice, we welcome your gifts! Visitors and new members are welcome at any time.

History of the committee here at St. Tim's...

The Social Justice Committee has been an active committee since 1970. It began over 30 years ago as the Social Concerns Committee. Their annual St. Timothy's Overseas Projects (STOP) was begun in 1973. STOP continues today, and each Lenten season parishioners generously give to help projects all over the world. Over the years the committee has studied Pope John Paul II encyclical on Work and Justice. We also spent 1 year working on Coleman McCarthy's Teaching Peace guide. The dedication of St. Timothy's campus as a Peace Site was the result of 4 years work and advocacy by the members of the committee.


S.T.O.P 2017
St. Timothy's Overseas Project

As we prepare during the season of Lent please consider supporting the St. Tim's Overseas Project.

 Water, Sanitation. & Hygiene Training in Ethiopia
 Cross Catholic Outreach

To bring a solution to people suffering from communicable disease. Improve sanitation & provide hygiene training.

 Clean Water in Nicaragua
 Amigos for Christ, Cross Catholic Outreach
 Drilling a new well providing clean water to the community.

 School Rebuilding in Nepal
 To repair & renovate existing school to safer conditions & provide basic
 teaching & learning materials.

This program began at St. Timothy in 1973 and our parish has generously supported projects that help the poor help themselves. For over 40 years during the season of Lent we have come together to make a difference in our world.

Feel free to donate on the parish website, use the S.T.O.P. envelopes, or bring your gift to the office.

Mary Ann Cloutier & Kate Shea
S.T.O.P. Coordinators