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Circle of Life
The Circle of Life is a piece of art that was donated by Dan Weinand to our group. Above is a representation of his original art piece that was given to the group for reflection on their own individual journey of life during our support groups. Each person has found their own significance using this art piece as a focus of their meditation.


Church of St. Timothy

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Shawn Phillips, Pastoral Minister



 I have some sad news for you as you have been a member of SDW at least in the past year. We are discontinuing the ministry with the last regular session on July 24th.

This ministry has been here since 1974 and over the years has had many renditions of support for separated, divorced and widowed persons. 1,000’s of individuals have found healing and support in this group. In our last several years we have not had consistent new activity in the group to maintain an ongoing community in comfort and growth. Those that have been through are integrated into a solid healing community that is integrated to other groups.

There may be some part of this group that will meet at another place in the future, which they are working through. We also have the Social Activities Group that continues to plan regular activities for a larger group than ours at St. Timothy’s and may continue to have activities in the future.

Most of all I would like to thank the many dedicated volunteers that have been willing to facilitate, greet, set up, announce, and provide leadership over the years. Some of the volunteers have been with us for 15+ years. It is  their dedication to a healing community that has made this such a fantastic place to grow.

As a closing gathering we are hosting our Summer Annual Picnic on August 7,7:00 pm in the hospitality center. We will have sharing and a closing ritual for our group. If you have any questions please give Shawn Phillips a call at the office. 763-784-1329.

Grace and Peace,

 Shawn Phillips, Pastoral Minister