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Separated, Divorced, and Widowed Support Group

Welcome to our SDW support group's online presence. Our group gathers weekly on Mondays from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in Room 224 of St. Timothy Parish Center. (except for holidays) to provide information and support for those that are traveling through the grief of separation, divorce, or the death of a significant loved one. (Click here for a map) Feel free to contact Shawn Phillips at 763- 784-1329 or click to email.

Our Christian Mission is to share the love and healing of God with those persons who have lost a significant love relationship through separation, divorce, or death. The group is open to persons of all faiths and persuasions.

Our goal is to provide support by promoting acceptance of self and situation, by fostering personal and spiritual development and by challenging persons to develop a new life style and to move on to new growth. To achieve this end we provide opportunities for growth through a variety of sharing groups, educational videos and speakers.

 June-July 2017 Schedule

We are a peer support group rather than a therapy or social group. We ask you to attend newcomer orientation if it is your first time to choose an appropriate sharing group and participate to whatever extent you feel comfortable. An informative video open forum is scheduled for those staying in the large group.

When you first come, please attend comfort/newcomers group before you attend any of our small sharing groups. It meets every Monday at the same time as the sharing groups.

Circle of Life
The Circle of Life is a piece of art that was donated by Dan Weinand to our group. Above is a representation of his original art piece that was given to the group for reflection on their own individual journey of life during our support groups. Each person has found their own significance using this art piece as a focus of their meditation.

Comfort Group Newcomers: For those hurting and in need of individual support and comfort as they experience the recent loss of a love relationship through loss of a loved one or separation/divorce and newcomers begin with this small group.Members help one another deal with denial, anger, guilt, rejection, loneliness, letting go, and acceptance. Comfort Group is for those dealing with the initial stages of separation or divorce.

Personal Growth Group: For those who are divorced or widowed and are past the hurting stages and are now working on establishing a foundation for healthy relationships with self and others as re-singled persons. Group members assist one another with personal issues such as self-esteem, rebuilding and finding new interests, trust, sexuality, and/or relational issues such as parenting and/or dating. Personal Growth Group is for those who have worked through their loss and are seeking support as re-singled persons.

There are no membership lists. If you wish to receive a bimonthly calendar you can sign-up at group or click here.

No fees are charged. However, a free-will offering to help the Church of St. Timothy defray the expense of speakers, facilitator training, and library materials is appreciated. Baskets are passed for this purpose. There is a bulletin board for notices concerning other services for the separated and divorced, as well as an educational and social nature. Please check with a steering committee member before placing materials on the bulletin board or tables. Library books and tapes are available for home use.

Community Building Events are scheduled on occasion as an opportunity to interact with all participants.

Social Events: A separate group plans regular social events that we find as a resource to the seperated, divorced, and widowed community.  If you would like to contact the Social Activities group, click here to contact.  

June Social Calendar 2017

Call the parish office at 763-784-1329, ask for Shawn if you have any questions.

To check for cancellation due to severe weather, it will be listed on the home page of the Church of St. Timothy's Website.