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Edge Faith Formation Growth happens by experience. Whether learning to ride a bike or how to build something, we grow in our abilities by simply doing it! The same can be said with faith. Middle Schoolers will put faith learning into practice by using activities, games, key speakers, small group conversations, service, and more! This fosters an energetic atmosphere of encounter and allows students to fully engage with the presented material. Our curriculum is called “Edge” from LifeTeen, Inc.- a Catholic Youth Ministry and Faith Formation organization. “Edge” follows the format below and engages students in their faith-learning experiences in a fun yet powerful way.

The general format for Wednesday evening sessions:

6:00– Open Gym (optional)

6:30– Hospitality Center: Opening prayer, introduction to lesson, activity/game relating to lesson.

6:45– Rm 224 for peer talk and main speaker of the night.

7:10– Small group rooms for conversation relating to lesson.

7:30– Meet back in either Rm 224 or Hospitality Center for closing prayer, announcements, etc.

7:45– Dismiss

You’ll notice the change in timeframe for the Middle School Faith Formation program. Where we have had two sessions to choose from (5:45-7:00 or 7:30-8:45) we are now combining these sessions to have all students come together in their experiences. It’s our hope that this allows students to get to know each other better before attending the Confirmation program together. It also seems to be a better fit for students’ activities schedules.

Faith Formation teachers/catechists are now “small group leaders.” They facilitate small group time by going through the given questions and guiding conversation among students. Leaders do not need to follow a lesson plan or be in charge of the entire night’s session, just the fun stuff! Parents and high school students are encouraged to be small group leaders!

Also, all sixth graders receive their own Bible which they will use through their Confirmation preparation.

Register online or by physical form to sign-up your child for faith formation. 

Learn more about Edge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DgN6ezoUQk

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