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We are here to walk with you.

Issues and  decisions concerning grief and death can be overwhelming, but there are tools available that can be helpful as you make your plans or are dealing with decisions concerning the end of  life.
If you have questions about funerals, cremation, medical directives, grief support groups, or have concerns about coping with grief please contact us at 763-784-1329.

Medical Directives: A Medical Directive is something that is very valuable  in making decisions about end of life and in helping people enter into a discussion about their needs and wants. As Catholics we have some guidelines that the Church provides for us to help us in making decisions that support our beliefs concerning life and death. Click on the underlined resources for more information.

Guide for Minnesota Catholic Medical Directive

Minnesota Catholic Medical Directive Forms

Five Wishes

Now and at the Hour of Death

Funeral: If you wish to make funeral preparations at the Church of St. Timothy, please contact the  parish office, 763-784-1329. You may prepare your funeral well in advance and keep your wishes on file for the future. If you have already met with a funeral director and made preparations that include the Church of St. Timothy have them send a copy of your file to the Parish.

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