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why be catholic?


“I was raised Catholic. . . . It’s the best way for me to exercise my belief in Jesus.  . . . My spouse is Catholic. . . . I need the Eucharist. . . . My Catholic faith gives my life meaning, purpose, and direction. . . .”

RCIA  or the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the journey in faith process by which adults are welcomed into the Catholic Church.  This includes unbaptized adults, adults baptized in another Christian denomination, and those baptized in the Catholic Church who have not celebrated Confirmation or First Eucharist.  Inquirers meet weekly for formation and instruction in the Catholic tradition and participate in various liturgical rites along the journey.  Participants receive instruction, guidance, and support for what it means to live as a Catholic.  Throughout the process, inquirers discern their readiness for the Sacraments of Initiation—Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist—in order to make a prayerful and informed decision about becoming a fully-initiated member of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. 


The new season of RCIA starts in late September each year.  Wednesday evening sessions begin September 27, 2017.  Those interested in becoming fully-initiated Catholics meet individually with the Coordinator beforehand to determine their needs and desire to enter into this journey In faith process. 


For anyone who has ever thought about becoming Catholic (or becoming more Catholic), this is your invitation to explore the possibility and affirm your own response to “Why be Catholic?  For more information about RCIA, please contact Johanna at 763-784-1329 or jscanlan@churchofsttimothy.com. 


Intended as part of the formation process for those enrolled in RCIA, these Sunday morning sessions are also open to parishioners who would like to get a more in-depth understanding of the Sunday readings.  Anyone committed to regular attendance is invited to participate in these sessions held on Sundays between morning Masses (9:35 am to 10:20 am), starting in November and continuing to Palm Sunday.  The group is led by RCIA team members using At Home with the Word and other resources.  This is a good way to increase your Bible knowledge and boost your faith, while also supporting and inspiring those people on their journey in faith to becoming Catholic.  Participants should contact Johanna in September to order the At Home with the Word book containing background information on the Sunday readings for the next entire liturgical cycle.

Small Faith-Sharing Groups

Small groups gather periodically for a various number of weeks to reflect on a particular topic, using a booklet and/or video series. Groups meet at the parish center or in homes on a day and time determined by the group members. New participants are welcome to join an existing group or form a new group.

Many groups are active during the Lenten season as a way of observing Lent and bolstering their spiritual life.  Most recent resources for Lenten small groups include:  Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton:  Lent and Holy Week; Living Like Francis Today; Sunday readings, commentaries, and reflection questions from This Transforming Word (Cycle B;  and Fast, Pray, Give – Making the Most of Lent.

Some Lenten groups extend beyond Lent to meet during other times of the year as well.  Small groups that meet outside of Lent can be a Lenten group that decided to continue meeting or a newly-formed group to focus on a specific topic or book.  Topics have included:  caring for the earth, Good News People, mercy, Sunday Scripture readings, Bible study of various books from either the New or Old Testaments, and concerns for young Catholic moms.

Being in a small group offers an opportunity for sharing reflections, experiences, and questions, while building faith-knowledge and providing a source of inspiration and affirmation of one’s own faith life and how God works in and through each one of us.  Belonging to a small group helps participants to clarify and strengthen their faith and the way in which it is lived.  Additionally, small faith-sharing groups are a good way to experience church on a smaller, more personal scale by getting acquainted with other parishioners—and possibly making new friends! 

 Traits of a healthy spirituality

 A Traits of a Healthy Spirituality small group will meet this fall.  Brief chapters--each with practical suggestions, inspirational quotes, reflection questions, and a prayer--make this book by Melannie Svoboda, SND, a good resource for small groups and individuals alike.   If you are interested in being in a group, forming a group with your friend(s), or simply reading this book on your own, please call the parish office at 763-84-1329  in September to order a book.  And before starting the book, make your own list of qualities you deem important in nurturing a healthy spirituality!





              a prayer for all of us disciples:


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